A Note About this Blog


As my thoughts have evolved, I have realized that it is helpful to split my posts up into two basic categories: the creative process, and creative arts in ministry. Here is my plan for address these two specific audiences.

Get Your Creative Idea Off the Ground in 5 Steps (Courtesy of Google)


To improve your ability to create something real and functional out of a mere thought, here is the story of Google Docs, which was originally a terrible app called Writely. The crazy thing about this little story is that they didn’t realize what made Google Docs great until after the fact.

Pixar’s 5 Tips for Growing an Awesome Workplace Environment for Creativity

pixar office lady

Dysfunction in the creative process is the number one complaint I hear from leaders and artists in churches and other organizations. The solution starts with establishing a healthy creative culture. Here are 6 signs of dysfunctions and 5 things to do to encourage creativity and allow artistry to thrive.

Critics and Creators

In life you can either be a creator or a critic. Being a critic is easier. Most people are critics. But critics don’t change the world.

5 Steps to Conquer the Clock and Free Up Some Valuable Time


According to a recent Huffington Post poll, only 13% of adults have sufficient time to accomplish what they want. Of course you don’t have enough time. No one does. But you can make the most of what you have with these 5 techniques.

3 Ways to Grow the “Yes!” in Your Church

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The need for creativity and innovation is immense, and local churches are no different. Robert Schnase spends part of his ministry focused on helping church leaders identify and overcome obstacles to growth. In this second of two interviews about his new book, Just Say Yes! Unleashing People for Ministry, Schnase identifies three ways to foster creativity and innovation. These principles apply to both pastors and anyone with a message to share.

How to Overcome the Lie of Lowered Expectations


We fear for tomorrow so we accept what the lie of lowered expectations offers, even when our acceptance sells out the greatness of the Holy Spirit’s descending spark in us. Here is how to overcome it.

4 Rules for Getting Healthy Feedback For Your New Creative Work

two cents

One of the great ironies of the creative process is that when we create, we want recognition and affirmation for our work, but the need to validate ourselves through other’s opinions is the very thing that almost always does damage – at times devastating – to our creativity.