101 Awesome Tweets, Quotes and Links on Creativity

W  hile researching my upcoming book on creativity, Two Percent: Secrets to a More Creative and Fulfilling Life, I have put together a pretty thick notebook of material on the subject. A lot of it has come over Twitter, where on any given day you can find dozens of links, blog posts, quotes and other interesting data on the idea of creativity. For a few months, I regularly posted inspirational nuggets – some curated from other sources, some my own. Here, I have distilled my favorites into a single list, listed alphabetically. Some of these ideas made it into the book.

1. 5 Things You Can Do Today to Make Yourself More Creative, And Productive, Tomorrow. http://t.co/WkiqnRDKIB #creativity #productivity
2. 5 tips on critiquing #creative people. http://t.co/WuStK3F1zT
3. 5 ways to crush a creative spirit. http://t.co/dfHiiO0z0e
4. 8 Visionaries on how they spot the future. http://t.co/kSqmGdT7
5. 13 essential rules for any non-fiction writer. http://t.co/qniChkVidM
6. A brilliant way to find the answer to your creative decision. http://t.co/c935Umtv
7. A true visionary is someone who’s always thinking about the future and making it happen. – Peter Jackson
8. An Artist Offers Two Powerful Lessons for More Effective Communication. http://t.co/YXPVzXOXWL
9. Anyone who’s ever designed with a client (including a pastor) will appreciate these! http://t.co/6w9iLGsBS9
10. Are you (or your creative team) a Young Genius or an Old Master? http://t.co/sg8a0judwu
11. Are you an artist – a Beauty – or a Goodness or Truth person? http://t.co/3lZ7x433cH #creative
12. Are you creating your future right now, or are you fooling yourself? http://t.co/6Tlg64zA84
13. Artist patronage: an old concept with new legs for the 21st century? http://t.co/RoXpVbig
14. Being frightened is not something to be frightened about. – Jeff Bridges
15. Connecting with your artists. http://t.co/8Sm3YFS9FS // great advice on working with artists.
16. Core thoughts on art and the church exist here. http://t.co/gYuLS9DDBN
17. Creativity is a form of prayer, and the expression of profound gratitude for being alive. – @mattknisely
18. Dad Draws Different Lunch Bag Art Every Day Since 2008. http://t.co/sTqil1MtBu
19. Design is the pathos that marries logos and ethos. http://t.co/IkkKzcmp
20. Do You Make This Crucial Creativity Mistake? http://t.co/9tYdOnL3uN #creativity #leadership
21. Do You Recognize These 10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking? http://t.co/mJuTzu7ULw
22. Don’t confuse art and design. Each employs different worldview. Designers create solutions. Artists create questions.
23. Don’t ask, “ How is it that the former days were better than these? ” because it isn’t wise to ask this. – Ecclesiastes 7:10
24. Don’t think to yourself, My own strength and abilities have produced all this prosperity for me. Duet 8:17
25. Dumbo didn’t need the feather; the magic was in him. – Stephen King
26. Fighting new communication technology is a losing game.
27. Five ideas for navigating change. http://t.co/8aynxdjr
28. Five tools to enhance your creativity. http://t.co/d0cuXs1T
29. Focus on the result not the process: “We don’t rock babies, we provide a safe loving place for parents to leave their children.”
30. Four kinds of story. http://t.co/DjNBSJPJ
31. Getting the best results from your co- #creative people requires an artful approach to critique & encouragement. http://t.co/nDiFabIoSv
32. How Fleming Turned James Bond Into A Bestseller. http://t.co/rUUKzIKwS6 // 1 tip: ruthlessly cut everything that distracts the reader.
33. How to be creative when you brain doesn’t want to. http://t.co/3D383FBGvH
34. How to find fulfillment as a creative. http://t.co/iaN9gldBFE
35. How to Gain Self Confidence as a Creative. http://t.co/Gv3TN9W8tn
36. How to get the joy of storytelling back and 12 other #creative tips. http://t.co/r3RmTrnXIL
37. How to get things done: always end a discussion with at least one specific todo with timeline for you and/or them.
38. How to Make An Idea Better with Creativity. http://t.co/0cID2LzQ
39. How to overcome writer’s block: infographic. http://t.co/OC0VrbA0q9
40. How To Tell If You’re #Creative (Hint: You Might Be A Bit Of A Jerk). http://t.co/bRTJ0EJncp
41. How to unleash the power of story in your next project or event. http://t.co/tVaW89Iu
42. How we view the failure has everything to do with our ability to bounce back. http://t.co/sq04dstB9B
43. If Good-Fast-Cheap Sucks, Then Why Is it So Helpful? http://t.co/kWPOdgLn
44. If people don’t want something, putting a bow on it doesn’t make it a gift. Always ask, what is the benefit?
45. If you don’t change direction, you will end up where you’re going. – ancient Chinese proverb
46. If you’re a communicator, you need to understand the plural problem. http://t.co/y2XpaRbB
47. If your plan requires getting picked by someone else and you’re not getting picked, you need a new plan. – Seth Godin
48. Images are the indigenous language of the mind. How are you using images to communicate?
49. In a Google world there is no logos without logo. – @lensweet
50. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. – Steve Jobs
51. Introverts may be better creative leaders than extroverts. http://t.co/wBYxgeFf
52. It’s True, Thinking Hard Really Can Wear You Out. http://t.co/ARZDd8RBS4
53. Keep your head up. Keep your heart strong. – Ben Howard
54. Ken Burns on what makes a great story. http://t.co/Prvdn6bu
55. Life is only understood looking backwards. That doesn’t always help when we have to live looking forward.
56. Narrative Collapse: when we no longer have time to tell a story. Some serious thinking here from Rushkoff. http://t.co/iGeKjxU4Kt
57. Why Art is Important in the Life of Faith. http://t.co/Yy5Vu8nRrc
58. One of the most difficult tasks in the world is to enlist support for change when everyone is contented with status quo. – Lyle Schaller
59. Over the years I’ve come to realize that the work often knows more than I do. – Madeleine L’Engle
60. Pay no attention to the criticism of men who have never themselves written a notable work. – Ezra Pound
61. Productivity tips from Wired and NYT writer Clive Thompson. http://t.co/EWm53QGBIX
62. Prolific author Lyle Schaller on how he wrote so much: “Some guys like to go fishing. My hobby is writing.”
63. Qs for Creatives: What distinguishes a good idea from a bad idea?
64. RT @ArtieDavis: 4-Must Have’s for GREAT Story Tellers. http://t.co/pmJRtgVTKu
65. RT @b_rewster Tendencies of Creative Leaders http://t.co/2qCKHGmvz7  // good stuff.
66. RT @b_rewster: Developing A Healthy Creative Plan. http://t.co/blAgaxgGGO // Yes indeed, the pace robs us.
67. RT @b_rewster: The best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of ideas. – Linus Pauling
68. RT @blainehogan: You can have fancy apps, but if you aren’t willing to literally push the cart, making something exceptional is rare.
69. RT @davidholzmer: Leader as Designer. http://t.co/3wzU4eay
70. RT @davidholzmer: The Evolution of Innovation. http://t.co/sYVqLOcW
71. RT @jeremyers1: “Here is a test to find out whether your mission in life is complete: If you’re alive, it isn’t.” -Richard Bach
72. RT @leadershipfreak: Become more effective by learning the 10 stages of your hero story. http://t.co/ysR8xGBN // nails it.
73. RT @Leadershipfreak: Ruts are safe. Ruts will kill you.
74. RT @lensweet: “Don’t leave before you leave.” Sheryl Sandberg
75. RT @MattMonge: 5 Things You Need to Build a Creative Culture http://t.co/GAD357ZWgx #leadership #creativity
76. RT @mikehenrysr: It is never too late to be what you might have been. – George Eliot
77. RT @MScottSnelten #Creativity is the process of having original ideas … that have value. – Sir Ken Robinson
78. RT @quotes4writers: “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” Richard Bach
79. RT @revmslaughter: You can’t keep fishing in the same places. Luke 5:4
80. Rules for editing to improve your craft, from a recent email I had with an author. http://t.co/lKJazXGe
81. Saying too much of something is the same as saying nothing. – Johnny Cash
82. So you say you’re a change agent? http://t.co/dv88V3fv
83. Steinbeck’s secret to communication: Reduce it to 1 sentence, for only then can you know it well enough to make 3 or 6 or 10,000 words.
84. The best way to announce a book on pop culture and comics? Make a press release in the form of a comic strip. http://t.co/75tOPfVa
85. The deep places in our lives—places of resistance and embrace—are not ultimately reached by instruction. – Walter Brueggemann
86. The Epiphany That Saved Apple and How it Can Help You. http://t.co/0fzLGMkd
87. The key to connecting with people is not more knowledge. http://t.co/TC8GTX3b
88. The shape of stories, by Kurt Vonnegut [infographic] http://t.co/Q9quoj5F
89. The Thomas Nast Principle. http://t.co/fk4GOsjT
90. Think Different: How to Craft a More Creative Message. http://t.co/Tcy5g2Uk
91. Those up-tight people will one day come to realize that we possess rare and magical secrets. – Old Blue Eyes. http://t.co/rLXL0XHN
92. Vocabulary is the special effects of writing. They can be beautiful, but what’s most important are words that reveal.
93. What happens after the great achievement? How do you move on to the next thing? Here’s a clue. http://t.co/10xx3pxK
94. What should I do? is the wrong question to ask a creative mentor. Instead ask, What have you learned that I need to know? – Lyle Schaller
95. What time of day is the best for creative thinking? http://t.co/JhvFjxic
96. Where does creativity hide? How do we tap into it? An amazing TED talk. http://t.co/zF424xMy
97. Why Creatives Aren’t Thriving In Your Organization. http://t.co/MSDAZh5c
98. Why design is essential to effective communication. http://t.co/IkkKzcmp
99. Why people don’t remember much about your message. http://t.co/SOddDoAc
100. Wisdom is proved to be right by her works. – Jesus, Matthew 11:19 // Talk is cheap. Do it and people will see.
101. Writers are to write what they know; i.e., be honest. Most don’t because they can’t afford it.

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