15 Quotes and the Handout from my Think Like a Five Year Old Boot Camp

Today, I led a two-hour intensive session on creativity at the WFX Expo in Dallas, Texas, based on my book Think Like a Five Year Old. (Click here to learn about and buy the book.) The room ending up being a lot more packed than predicted, and my handout copies ran out.

To help those who didn’t get one, and to share some of the boot camp ideas with everyone, I’ve summarized some of the concepts here. So here are 15 quotes with links, and the handout from the session: Click here to download the handout of the boot camp session on creativity.


Here are some quotes and concepts from the session

  1. I’d rather be a creator than a critic.” – Our inclination is to criticize rather than to create. I talked about this when recounting the press’ mockery of the Wright Brothers, even after they’d successfully flown. Click here to learn more.
  2. Creativity is having fun and making stuff.” – My then five-year-old son Austin’s definition of creativity. Many of us mistakenly assume being creative means being artistic, when there’s actually little correlation between creative value and artistic sensibility.
  3. Each of us was once a creative genius.” Our creative spirits get marred by the challenges of life. Click here to learn more.
  4. A more accurate translation of the Hebrew word that begins Genesis 1:1 isn’t, In the beginning God created…, but, When God began to create. God isn’t a past-tense creator, but an actively creating God.” – Creator isn’t just an adjective for God, but a defining characteristic.
  5. When the fall happens, part of the tragedy is that our work changes from joyous intimacy with God to drudgery, and something we do to make it to the weekend.” – What’s the first thing that happens when God makes Adam – before Eve, even? A creative project! Name the animals, God says. How fun! The primary relationship of God and the humans God made is a creative relationship.
  6. 75% of American garages are so filled with clutter that there’s no room to store a car. We ‘grow up’ from being creators to consumers.” – We’ve got to unlearn our consumerism in order to relearn to create, and the only way this happens is to become, Jesus says, like a child, and grow up the right way.
  7. The three lies that steal our creativity are self-defeat, self-glory and control.” – Click here to learn more.
  8. If we quit making, we quit living.” Johny Cash has words of wisdom for the work of creativity.
  9. The word translated in Ephesians 2:10 as “accomplishment” is the word for a “handiwork” or “masterpiece.” It suggests that God has in mind to make something great with our lives.” I call this the creativity verse, and explain why here.
  10. If you were to research five things online that would capture your interests, what would they be?” I asked attendees to  write down 5 key words to define their passions. Then, I asked them to imagine that the combination of those 5 things is uniquely them. Somewhere in that mix is what God wants you to do with your life.
  11. As we follow Jesus, we rediscover our God-image.” The secret to recovering our creativity is to follow Jesus. To become a new creation in Christ is to be remade as we were in the beginning. Then, as we follow, we mature in Christ and unlearn bad patterns, some of which are decades old.
  12. The goal isn’t to say I am already smart or I am already creative but that I’m becoming smarter or that I’m becoming more creative.” – How are you in to growing into a fully mature follower of Jesus. In other words, where are you on your own life growth chart?
  13. Respect ideas; gather them by the bucketload. It’s not magic. People act like it is but it isn’t. I’m giving you my deep creative secret here. It starts with collecting as many ideas as possible.” – Here are six ways I gather ideas.
  14. Here’s the creative process, graphed. We start with no time and all awesome. If we do something about it, it quickly moves into the pit of hell.” – Click here for the entire process.
  15. No matter how good you are, sometimes your creative best is going to get rejected.” – Here’s what to do about it.


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