15 Ways To Improve Your Creative Arts Ministry

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A  s I finish my Jesus Marketer series, I am chewing on several new topics and ideas, loosely collected under the theme of better creativity and arts in worship and ministry. Here are 15 titles I am considering for the next few months on this blog. Which do you have the most interest in?

(This list is not comprehensive.)

  • 10 Examples of Storytelling in Church
  • 101 Useful and Inspirational Tweets, Quotes and Links on Creativity
  • 15 Examples of Fear and Suspicion of Emerging Technology
  • 5 Biblical Passages That Tell Us to Be More Effective Communicators
  • 7 Tactics to Gain Followers For Your Big Idea
  • A Great Example of a Local Church Creative Arts Ministry
  • How to Create a Successful, Long Term Vendor Relationship
  • Is Combining Creative Director and Communication Director The Next Big Trend in Visual Arts?
  • My Favorite Sermon Series Idea Ever
  • The 3 Types of Visual Arts in Worship
  • The Reason Artists Don’t Thrive in Your Church
  • The Tool I Used to Turn My Team Into High Functioning Rock Stars
  • What Happened When I Changed Peachtree’s Worship Bulletin From 24 to 4 Pages
  • What My First Book Just Taught Me About Creativity (15 Years Later)
  • Why Most Artists Can’t Handle Working in Churches

What is your biggest issue right now? If there is a particular topic or title you’d like to see me write about, or write about more, comment or send me a direct message on my blog, by email, through my Twitter account, or on my Facebook page. Or if you have no interest in any of these but would rather me address something else entirely, tell me that too!

And as always thanks for reading.

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  • alex

    “Why Most Artists Can’t Handle Working in Churches” is what i’d like to see more on…