2011 Blog Year in Review

The final 2011 traffic results are in for my re-launched blog. I began regular posts again on April 4 with Something New and began tracking data in late May. Since then I have had 6900 unique visitors (this is web-speak for actual readers, as opposed to bots, spammers and the like), 21% of whom returned for a visit at a later date.

The most popular visitor states are, not surprisingly, Texas and Tennessee. I am also apparently big in Florida, Georgia, and Ohio.

Here are the top 11 most popular posts of 2011:

  1. The Top 25 Fastest Growing Large United Methodist Churches (posted July 27)
    A list of fast growing large United Methodist congregations.
  2. The Top 25 United Methodist Annual Conferences (posted May 23)
    A list of growing (and therefore healthy) United Methodist Annual Conferences.
  3. There Are Only Seven Stories in the World (posted Apr 14)
    A look at the basic narrative archetypes.
  4. Perception is Reality. Ask Tony Romo. (posted Sept 19)
    National media had a heyday with the 2011 Dallas Cowboy quarterback’s season.
  5. Five Leadership Quotes from Steve Jobs (posted May 17)
    I posted these great quotes from Steve Jobs a few months before he passed away.
  6. Jim Collins at Catalyst 2011 (posted Oct 6)
    Ideas culled from a keynote by the noted business coach and author.
  7. Best Church Leadership Training (posted Aug 3)
    A church staff development anecdote based on a post by Tim Stevens.
  8. Craft (posted Aug 30)
    My reflection on why it’s both appropriate and necessary in ministry to master your craft.
  9. New Trends in Church Media (posted Jun 14)
    Interesting 2011 developments in the church media business.
  10. Andy Stanley at Catalyst 2011 (posted Oct 6)
    Ideas culled from the Catalyst keynote by the megachurch pastor and author.
  11. The Key To Avoid Making Bad Decisions (posted Aug 25)
    Why it’s better to do your most important work first thing in the morning.
  12. Behind the Book: A Day in the Life of an Acquisitions Editor  (posted Dec 2)
    A look at the publishing business. I added this bonus late season performer since I posted it in December and it’s already at #12.


Here’s to a wonderful 2012!