5 Things On Afflictions and Addictions


H ere are five things that occurred to me one morning earlier this week as I read of the man possessed with demons from Mark 5.

1. We are comfortable with our afflictions. The man did not immediately ask Jesus to heal him. Instead his tone was confrontational: What do you want from me? Leave me alone. We know our miseries and find a twisted comfort in them.

2. Many of us have multiple impure spirits. The man was not just afflicted with one, but a bunch of them. Combined, their force was frightening and uncontainable. Many in our society suffer from multiple spirits… problems such as abandonment, judgment, and addictions. These spirits compound, suffocating ability to even function.

3. It isn’t enough to simply recognize Jesus as Son of God, as the man did. We need specific release. We need our demons to be named. Jesus had already called the demons to leave once, and they did not. It is only when we name them that Jesus gets rid of them.

4. When bad things happen to us, God may be working in someone else’s life. The sheepherders were probably not too happy with Jesus’ decision to send the demons into the pigs, as over 200 of them ran over the cliff and drowned. That’s a lot of money. If financial expectations don’t happen for you, or if someone else’s decision impacts you in a negative way, instead of forming bitterness, look for ways that Jesus may be working in that person’s life.

5. Jesus’ power is scary to the unacquainted. When the neighborhood saw the man cleaned up, they were not happy for him. They were scared, and they ran Jesus out of town. We are not used to such transformations actually happening. Those who don’t know Jesus don’t understand this power, and what people don’t understand, they fear.