5 Ways to Crush a Creative Spirit

To totally ruin your creative person’s morale and drive to succeed, simply employ these five simple techniques.


1. More Pop.

When offering feedback to an artist or designer, don’t take the time to understand why you don’t like something. Instead, make vague comments regarding your dissatisfaction. Tell the artist that it’s not right, but avoid constructive comments. Ask her to add in “more pop.”


2. “It’s easy.”

When approaching an artist or designer with a request or need for art or design, couch the request with unrealistic time estimates to soften the blow. Tell him “it’s easy.” Don’t ask him for his input about the project or just tell him the project is worth doing because it’s great. Just set low expectations by telling him the pain will be short lived, even if it’s a lie.


3. The Definition of Insanity.

When working with a creative spirit over a period of several weeks or months, ask for the same concept, over and over again, while expecting more creative and better results. For example, have the brilliant idea to do another infographic (the fourth this month), in the hopes that if you keep doing the same thing forever, you won’t have to beat a dead dog until it’s dead.


4. Camping.

Get a stool and set up camp in the creative’s workspace. Hover by her shoulder. Make helpful comments about font choice and color palette. Suggest alternate compositions, such as moving a photo to the upper right corner instead. Make sure to add a comment at least every minute or so. Between comments, much on something loud, like chips.


5. Comic Sans.

Make the designer use the best font in the history of the world, Comic Sans.


Can you think of any other ways to crush a creative spirit?


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