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Improve your thinking and discover great new creative visions in your personal and professional life with these 8 practical, free resources from my Creative Toolbox.

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What You’ll Get

My Creative Toolbox includes 8 must-have resources! Here’s what you’re going to get:

  1. Why you have creative genius, and where to locate it, with the Preface and Chapter 1 of my book Think Like a Five Year Old: Reclaim Your Wonder and Create Great Things
  2. 6 principles for better worship design and planning in Chapter 11 of my book Taking Flight with Creativity: Worship Design Teams That Work
  3. Dive deep into creativity, with its theology and practical application, with my 40-page Think Like a Five Year Old Complete Study Guide, including how-to, worksheets, and more.
  4. A Worksheet with 19 questions to kickstart creativity and innovation, a list of questions to help you find clarity.
  5. The Peachtree Creative Guidebook, my rules for the road for running a creative and communications ministry at my church, Peachtree in Atlanta.
  6. 7 Essential Rules for Creative Worship Planning, a complete checklist for designing worship in 60 minutes, including questions, tips, and how-tos.
  7. Creative Missions Strategy Tip Sheet, a quick guide for developing a creative approach to missions in your church.
  8. 7 Ways to Get the Word Out About Your Big Idea, a primer of strategies for effective marketing in church or in your personal or professional life.


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More to Come

As I continue to reflect on and practice the work of creating, in my ministry life and in my personal life, I’ll continue to produce new resources such as these.

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