A New Story Structure with Some Cool Insights

Here’s another story structure. While I agree with the blog writer that these sorts of constructs can be limiting, they are quite helpful in the analysis of a current context. This one has a nice graph showing the journey of a story:

As I have outlined in my series of posts The Story Book and discussed for years through my books, human meaning is constructed according to narratives. The vast majority of scripture is narrative. All of the stories stuffed into our hippocampus supply our knowledge and the basis for our deepest feelings. Our understanding and relationship to God, our spouse and children, our family and our friendships are all constructed according to shared story, either by firsthand experience or by mutual exchange. So, story is important, and therefore worth analyzing.

Rather than a single linear journey, however, most lives are a matrix of overlapping narratives. One relationship may be 20 years old and another new.

How do you see your current life in the graph above? What parts are descending and what parts are returning?