Design Matters: Creating Powerful Imagery for Worship
Authors: ,
Genre: Church Leadership
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Publication Year: 2006
ISBN: 9780687494460
Many churches use visual technology in worship. Yet simply adding a screen and projector in a sanctuary doesn't automatically translate into growth and revitalization. This book helps worship-screen producers learn to "speak" a visual language. These time-tested design principles provide a basic framework for developing a visual literacy. The book's accompanying DVD includes graphic tutorials for creating art in Adobe Photoshop/Elements, time-saving techniques for achieving special effects, and helpful websites.
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About the Book
“Jason and Len have done it again! Design Matters is the finest guide I have yet found to help both pastors and design teams think and grow as visual communicators of God’s graphic gospel of love. Their very readable text and practical, hands-on DVD are the next best things to burning the midnight oil with the authors themselves. This little book reminds worship planners and preachers alike that design really does matter, by offering a workable model that brings the pieces together.”Dr. Jay Akkerman, Director of Online Theological Graduate Education, Northwest Nazarene University

How can you communicate effectively in today’s image-driven culture? How can you reach a world that is conditioned by television and video games? Learn to create powerful images that will move your congregation through meaningful worship experiences. Projected images used in worship provide a unique opportunity to communicate the gospel in “visual language.” Learn about color, composition, fonts, and more in this how-to volume that explained why Design Matters!



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