Walt’s Breakthrough: 5 Ways Creative Vision Drove Disney’s Early Years

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Most of us hope for a future with incremental growth. But what if you could just blow it all up and make something, without limitations? Thinking this way is what we call creative vision. It’s knowing what’s needed, not what already exists or even what’s requested. All great advances – in our personal lives, in culture, in business – start with it. Here’s how Walt Disney expanded his world.

What To Do When Your Creative Best Gets Rejected

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At some point, it happens to everyone who makes something public. Your work gets rejected, sometimes with pejoratives and sometimes with kind words that kill. How do you react well and maintain your creative energy in the face of such negativity?

My Word For the Year Is a Plea To Recognize Our Most Precious Commodity

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Presence is a plea to recognize the fleeting nature of this life and to fully appreciate the scarce and valuable commodity of time, and to be able to purposefully waste time on activities whose value isn’t easily quantifiable, which don’t serve immediate needs and which don’t add to the bottom line. Creativity depends on it.