Think Like a Five Year Old Study Guide (Free eBook)

Download my new, free eBook today! This is a study and application guide to my book Think Like a Five Year Old. The goals of this 40-page eBook companion are 1) for you to develop a practical theology of creativity and 2) to walk away with the necessary next steps and to-dos for getting started on the work of creating.

Pre-Launch! 5 Ways to Help Others Think Like a 5-Year-Old

I believe my new book can help people learn their creativity story: what they once had, how they lost it, and how to get it back to create great things. Help me share the story of this book with others and maybe make the world a little better. Oh, and get two chapters for free!

What to do about your hyper digital life: A book review

Most of us live in a 24/7 digital world now. The Hyperlinked Life asks, how do we find wisdom? Here is my review.

A Post On Guys Who Like to Read But Can’t Find Anything Good

Most book buyers are women. Do men not like books? Or do most men like books, but just can’t find anything worth reading? What is going on here?

5 Lessons for Navigating Change

The advent of paperback publishing offers several lessons for navigating change.

Do you love big ideas, writing, and the church?

If you like ministry, ideas and writing, you might make a good acquisitions editor.

Behind the Book: A Day in the Life of an Acquisitions Editor

Want to be an author? I am in publishing acquisitions. My job is to locate the hidden ideas in hundreds of proposals, blog posts, phone calls, and inner passions. Here’s what happens in a typical day.