3 Characteristics of Creative Innovation

True innovation, as opposed to the person tinkering with a creative idea, is difficult to achieve. Innovation is creativity, applied to solve problems, and it becomes innovative when it becomes influential. Here are three characteristics to look for in a trend-setting innovation.

How To Get Rid of a 24 Page Bulletin

When I started as Creative and Communication Director at Peachtree, the church was producing 24-page bulletins in weekly worship. How could I get rid of this old albatross? The problem was, I couldn’t kill it right away, because the congregation was dependent: it was the main way the church communicated. If I killed it, people would have no way of knowing what was going on. So here’s what I did.

Growth isn’t the goal; it’s the outcome.

Change that works isn’t a trend to adopt or a technique to add or a committee or staff person to acquire. Innovation comes from within, from our inherent creativity. When our focus is on making something new, innovation is what happens. To be creative, to innovate, is to be a change agent. The result is change and growth.

If The Horse is Dead, Dismount

All organizations tend to ride dead horses until it is too late. But the church is worse, because we make our old ideas holy.