How To Find Your Creative Vision – Or Make It Better

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Creative vision is a clearly defined, unrealized image of the future, based on our source of un-peace, that inspires others to join together in co-labor to inherit God’s lost gift. Every one of us has a creative vision for the future, but many of us don’t know it. If your vision isn’t something that makes you want to jump up and run around the room, then it’s not good enough. Here’s how to make it better.

Bob Dylan’s 5 Ways You Can Reclaim Lost Inspiration

Len WilsonCreativity, Culture

In the book, I define creativity as having fun and making stuff. The problem for many of us is that we used to do it without thinking, and now we can’t find that same spark to save our lives. As Dylan said, we’re an empty, burned out wreck. There’s perhaps no worse fear to an artist. How did these iconic musicians rise from their discomfiture and recover their spark? Here are 5 crucial things you can do to find your missing inspiration, keep making stuff and having fun.