3 Examples How Unique Weekly Art Makes A Sermon More Compelling

Many churches that preach in sermon series create a single brand image for the duration, which is often six-eight weeks. I prefer to give each series a family of unique images, one per week, all related to the core theme. I describe it to people as the weekly work of art. Here are three examples.

A Little Idea to Kill Clutter and Improve Communication with 3×3 Cards

Everybody wants promotion, but if everyone gets equal promotion, the result is a cluttered mess. How do you organize print collateral into a single presentation? I designed a new deliverable: 3×3 cards.

The Complete Checklist For Designing Creative Worship In 60 Minutes

Sometimes it can be daunting to turn a good idea into a creative worship experience. To help, I’ve pulled an easy checklist of essential strategic elements every worship service needs. Download this PDF for free and use it at your next meeting.

A Note About this Blog

As my thoughts have evolved, I have realized that it is helpful to split my posts up into two basic categories: the creative process, and creative arts in ministry. Here is my plan for these two specific audiences.

My 3 Part Plan to Help Church Become More Meaningful for People

This blog exists to live out a life mission statement I’ve followed since I was a young student, frustrated with the esoteric language and symbols of the church. I have dedicated my career to helping the local church improve its ability to tell the story of Jesus. Here is why I do what I do and the core commitments I believe can make a difference.

Creative Works: How to turn a dated church campus into a canvas for storytelling

Creative Works is a blog series devoted to turning creative ideas into complete innovations. Every space tells a story. if you’re not intentional, the story your space tells about you may not be a good one. Here’s how I gave a dated church facility a facelift and made the walls a canvas for storytelling.

How To Get Rid of a 24 Page Bulletin

When I started as Creative and Communication Director at Peachtree, the church was producing 24-page bulletins in weekly worship. How could I get rid of this old albatross? The problem was, I couldn’t kill it right away, because the congregation was dependent: it was the main way the church communicated. If I killed it, people would have no way of knowing what was going on. So here’s what I did.

Three Ways To Use Images in Worship Like a True Artist

My recent questions about visual arts in worship might benefit from looking at types of visual arts.

Why design is essential to effective communication

Most dismiss design as the icing of a core object or idea. That’s a mistake.