Personal Update: The Wilsons are Moving Home to Texas

A personal update on the Wilson family’s decision to return to Texas and for Len to take a position at St Andrew United Methodist Church in Plano.

Essential advice for my children: Life Quote #4

If I died tomorrow and could leave my children one piece of advice about growing up, this would be it.

The Key To Avoid Making Bad Decisions

The time of day we make a decision has great impact on the decision we make.

10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Ten ways to create discipline, order and peace, for those who yearn for less complexity and simpler living.

A Mother’s Day Video Present

I love all of the wonderful moms in my family! This was a present from afar for this year, as I sit in TN alone – a little memory from this Easter’s Easter Egg Hunt.

How Creativity is an Act of Devotion

Do you feel God’s presence while engaging in creativity? Consider the ways in which being creative evokes devotion.

Why I Like Melancholy

A pastor I was working with once told me, “Christians shouldn’t be melancholy.” I did not agree with his statement but could not articulate a response. Last night, as I flew away from my family once again, I figured out why.

5 Things on Marriage

Here are five observations on what Jonathan Franzen once wrote is “the majesty of a long marriage,” from my journal notes over the past few months.