The Church Communicator you need is more than a project manager

Most churches treat their communication director, if they even have one, like a glorified project manager that does graphic design. You need to manage projects, but you need something more – an authority who partners in messaging the brand of your church or organization.

[VIDEO] How to Make Messages That Stick in a Community

Shareability: How to Create Messages That Stick in a Community

Why do some messages get shared in a community, while others seem to disappear the moment they hit the ether? The act of sharing is the true benchmark of a message that sticks – a message that influences others – and sharing happens in a community. Understanding the community is the key to what I call shareability.

3 Top Measures for Inspiring Your Church to Invite People

The fall festival at St. Andrew invites people from all over town.

At my church, church communication and marketing is all about equipping people to represent your church in the community. This, and not advertising, is my best strategy to invite people and grow your church. It’s built in relationship, based in community, fits with the gospel and best communication practices today.

9 Essential Features Your Website Needs in 2018

We recently rebuilt our website from the ground up. My team and I made several decisions about the site to make it as future proof as possible. Consider these the 9 essential website features for building a site in 2018.