How acting fast on your rough idea makes it better

Have an idea? Don’t wait – Use your momentum to activate it, now. Even if it’s not perfect, get it online asap, then if it’s worth it, make upgrades and improvements as you go.

How to Create Great Things: Ruin the Romance

If you create something, you want it to find a home in the wild. You want your baby ideas to grow up and have influence. It’s why you raise them! But for them to live well on their own, you need to understand this critical aspect of the market.

My 3 Part Plan to Help Church Become More Meaningful for People

This blog exists to live out a life mission statement I’ve followed since I was a young student, frustrated with the esoteric language and symbols of the church. I have dedicated my career to helping the local church improve its ability to tell the story of Jesus. Here is why I do what I do and the core commitments I believe can make a difference.

5 Ways Creativity Can Transform the Mission of Your Church

Broadway UMC creative missions

Instead of handing out goods and services to meet people’s needs, what if we were to give them dignity and self-sufficiency by helping them realize the good things God gave them to do with their lives? Here’s how to use creativity to transform the work of the church.

Test the Feasibility of Your Dream Idea With These 5 Questions

How to test if your idea is feasible

Sometimes, knowing if your great idea is the right idea can be hard to figure out. How feasible is your creative thinking, anyway? Here are some tests to figure out if your good idea is worth pursuing.

I Haven’t Made It But I’m No Longer Going To Fake It

Fake it til you make it may be a helpful philosophy for getting a career started but it’s not a way to be great at something. Here’s what I learned about naming my strengths and weaknesses.

What If You Don’t Love Your Job?

Why do you do what you do? Is it for love or money?

After: How to Find Your Passion For the Next Thing

The beauty of goals is that they make success concrete. But what happens after?

Is Working at a Church Bad for Your Faith?

Why is it that working at a church is so draining on a person’s faith? Am I alone in this, or is there a strong correlation between giving yourself away in local church ministry and struggling to maintain an active connection with the God of the universe?