What If It Seems Like You Don’t Have a Single Good Moment To Create?

My growing children and intensive day job steadily eroded my ability to pursue side creative projects. Eventually, I went through a bit of a personal crisis. I need time to create! So I made a decision.

3 traps of growth and how to overcome them

Growth is dangerous. We labor to see things grow, yet when we become enamored with the fruits of labor, bad things happen. Here are 3 simple things to overcome growth’s problem.

A Note About this Blog

As my thoughts have evolved, I have realized that it is helpful to split my posts up into two basic categories: the creative process, and creative arts in ministry. Here is my plan for these two specific audiences.

4 Rules for Getting Healthy Feedback For Your New Creative Work

One of the great ironies of the creative process is that when we create, we want recognition and affirmation for our work, but the need to validate ourselves through other’s opinions is the very thing that almost always does damage – at times devastating – to our creativity.

How to Create Great Things: Ruin the Romance

If you create something, you want it to find a home in the wild. You want your baby ideas to grow up and have influence. It’s why you raise them! But for them to live well on their own, you need to understand this critical aspect of the market.

5 Tools to Launch Your Creativity This Summer

A lot of us have ideas. The problem is learning to clear enough of life away to capture, remember, and use them. These five tools helped me to learn how to capture this hum, which has exponentially increased my creative output.

Here’s What I Do To Avoid Losing Good Ideas

Those random thoughts you have might be good ideas in gestation. Don’t lose them! If you don’t write everything down, how will you know later if it was any good?

What My First Book Just Taught Me About Creativity

The surprising lesson my first book just taught me and what you can do to avoid the same mistake I made.

One of the worst demons of creativity

To separate what I think I am supposed to say versus what I want to say is one of the hardest things I have ever done.

When You Are Old, by Yeats

A poem by W. B. Yeats.

How to Gain Self Confidence as a Creative

Open Journal with Pen

Successful creatives have a distinctive style. How do you learn to find your version?