How to Tell a Story by Video and 3 Reasons Why This One Works

We have produced over 150 stories, promotions and other types of videos in my almost four years at Peachtree in Atlanta. While I am proud of all of them, this is one of my favorites.

My colleague and Pastor of Mission Jay Madden likes to talk about the concept of mutual transformation. It’s an idea that when we engage in church mission activity with the aim to help or provide support for someone else, often someone living in another part of the globe, what happens is that we discover our hearts and lives are changed as much if not more than the one we seek to aid.

This film captures what it means to help others and be helped at the same time.

This short film captures Jay’s concept perfectly as it tells the story of what happened to two men who went on a church mission trip to work at a Guatemalan facility for girls rescued from exploitation.

This film was shot and edited by Ron Dawson at It is part of a churchwide global mission campaign called One Body.

Why This Story Works

Good stories aren’t news reports. They tell of a character – someone like you and me – who undergoes a life change. Here are three reasons why this story works:

Good stories are about a character’s transformation. While you might expect a mission video to to tell the story of someone from somewhere else, it actually tells the story of a church member.

Good stories present a problem or hurdle to overcome. The problem, as articulated by the two guys on the trip, was that they entered into the trip unsure why they were going and whether they’d be of any use.

Good stories tell of a guide who intercedes with a plan and purpose for the character’s transformation. The protagonist(s) in a good story overcome their problem with the help of a guide. The guide in this story is God, as articulated by an anecdote from one of the men’s wives, who comments about God’s ability to take the men’s willingness and work in and through them.

When considering how to tell a story, don’t just report what happened. Look for an angle or way to enter into the story through the lens of life change.

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