Communications Director Position Available: North Carolina

A church in North Carolina is looking for a communications director.

St. Mark’s Church runs about 1800 in worship. It has both a rich legacy and great current leadership that has fueled growth.

They embrace the arts wholeheartedly, including a band-driven worship environment featuring visual media and, on occasion, other performing arts elements.

Their thematic approach to programming is not “over the top” but keeps the elements congruent to teaching that is relevant, engaging and biblical. The campus encompasses approximately 80,000 square feet of space under one roof, which includes ample children’s and student ministries. SMC is both artistically and technically savvy. The facility has a variety of compelling environments, venues and a video production suite. They understand where they are today and where they are going.However, until a forward-minded leader is hired to facilitate next steps in the area of communication, they are cautious to outrun themselves. They are looking for high-level leadership that will facilitate their aggressive vision to reach “forward” in a way that is most effective as well as inclusive of others.

They are looking for a creative leader with the right blend of abilities to do the following:
• champion the DNA branding change throughout the entire church
• create a project management structure for communication flow within the church
• develop interns while working with contracted and volunteer creative contributors
• leverage the specific skills of this new leader based around their strengths which could include video production, graphic design, set design, website management, social media and other skills in the creative communication toolkit

For more information, contact me through this blog.