The Two Things Every Great Creative Project Must Have

I tweeted a Flickr photo from someone named Peder Norrby recently. After several days of thinking about it, I realized it was quite profound.

Every great creative project I’ve been involved with, and most I’ve read about, live in the venn space between “suck” and “rock.” It’s only when we’ve passed through the fifth level of creative hell that we can emerge into the sunny skies of creative heaven.

Both experiences are critical to the creative process. If you skip “I rock,” then you never experience the courage you need to see something through. If you skip “I suck,” you never experience the humility that leads to the self-examination all great work requires.

Creative people know this is the road that lay ahead of every great work. The thing that prevents most work from reaching its potential is that we shy away from the journey, because we know it’s hard.

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