Custom Order Easter Brunch: Good Church Marketing Or Not?

H oly Week, Thursday morning. I saw a church with this billboard at front. Below, it listed its service times to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

Okay, thoughts. Is this good or bad? Good marketing? Bad marketing? Good decision as a church, or bad?

My first thought was this: Really? The best benefit to faith in Christ they can muster is a custom built meal? I guarantee it won’t compare to a good Waffle House plate. People want hope for their tribulations not extra cheese on their omelet. This is church marketing at its worst.

Then I thought some more about it. Perhaps this will help people at the top of the funnel engage.

To be clear: The purpose of communication and marketing in the church is the same as that of creativity and art – to help people engage with faith and demonstrate how faith matters in our lives.

Does this accomplish that goal?


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