Custom Order Easter Brunch: Good Church Marketing Or Not?

H oly Week, Thursday morning. I saw a church with this billboard at front. Below, it listed its service times to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

Okay, thoughts. Is this good or bad? Good marketing? Bad marketing? Good decision as a church, or bad?

My first thought was this: Really? The best benefit to faith in Christ they can muster is a custom built meal? I guarantee it won’t compare to a good Waffle House plate. People want hope for their tribulations not extra cheese on their omelet. This is church marketing at its worst.

Then I thought some more about it. Perhaps this will help people at the top of the funnel engage.

To be clear: The purpose of communication and marketing in the church is the same as that of creativity and art – to help people engage with faith and demonstrate how faith matters in our lives.

Does this accomplish that goal?


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One Comment on “Custom Order Easter Brunch: Good Church Marketing Or Not?”

  1. This kind of achievement can be achieved from the pulpit and through multiple age and life stage targeted groups, church leadership must accept that before they get the chance to meet visitors and convey their beliefs, they must first get them to walk through the doors of the church.

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