eBook Reviews for Church Creatives Part 1: The Wide Guide

S everal new books and eBooks targeting the church creative crowd are appearing right now. I’m going to review a few in this space over the next few weeks, starting with the most recent first.


 The Wide Guide: Blueprint to the Multiscreen Movement

65 page ebook, iBook, Kindle and PDF format, $10, published 2-4–2014 . Link to buy here.

Who Wrote It: Luke McElroy. Graphic design by Station 16 Creative.

What it is: An ebook on the multiscreen stage movement in worship, specifically designed for creatives, video technicians, producers and stage designers.


 Cool Features

  • Contains blueprints for a variety of multi screen setups for exact implementation.
  • Images and examples of executable multiscreen plans in action.
  • Pro / con lists with each setup for saving money.
  • An extensive gear guide so you know exactly what to buy.

 What’s In It

Though environmental projection is the most abstract of all the concepts I talk about due to its artistic freedoms, it has the greatest ability to impact your audience.Luke McElroy
Luke McElroy has created a deep dive on one of the newer trends in visual worship: the multiscreen movement. Along with an intro on the movement, it includes exact specs on:

  1. A standard “triple wide” setup: three HD screens spread across the stage
  2. 2×2 video walls (four total screens, two on each side of the worship stage)
  3. Video Staging, or the practice of positioning a variety of screens around the stage as props
  4. Multiscreen TV display, which is like an old “TV wall” but with unlimited layout and quantity possibilities.
  5. LED walls, which include curved setups, flush floor to screen setups, and a variety of other options.
  6. Environmental Projection, which eschews screens altogether and just projects on available surfaces
  7. Edge Blending, which combined multiple displays into one monster display
  8. Projection mapping, which is perhaps the biggest “wow factor” option in an entire palette of wow factors.
  9. Last, the final section – The Gear Guide – offers types and specific model recommendations for projectors, screens, software, and other gear.

 The Final Word

Don’t let this list fool you into thinking there are “only” eight ways to grow beyond the standard HD screen in worship. These are more categories than exact layouts, and with this info you can do an endless number of combinations. Luke knows his stuff. The Wide Guide covers everything you need to effective project multi-screen and environmental settings. If you plan on doing something beyond straight up 16:9 or 4:3 projection, you need this book. If you don’t have such plans, this book might inspire them. The graphics by Brenton Smith and Station 16 are outstanding – very clear and nice to look at, too.

This is about as comprehensive a guide as you could ask for, is essential to any visual worship artist’s library, and is a steal at $10.


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