eBook Reviews for Church Creatives Pt 2: The Guidebook for Visual Worship

This the second in a series of reviews of current resources available for visual artists and church creatives.
See part 1 here.


 The Guidebook for Visual Worship (2013 edition)

30 page ebook, iBook and PDF format, $19.99, published 9-3-2013. Link to buy here.

Who Wrote It: Stephen Proctor

What it is: A book to cast vision for visual worship to those who are designing media for projection. It’s designed not only for the one person who does everything but for team environments as well. Use this tool to start the visual worship conversation at your church, to set a standard for vision and purpose, and to introduce a fresh language for your tech and creative worship ministries.

 Cool Features

  • A visual worship philosophy
  • Practical advice & guidelines to follow when designing your media for projection, including principles for design, good font choice and practices, team development, and additional resources.
  • And, from the intro: “Church leaders have been asking about resources and books for training…not just on the nuts & bolts…but on the heart of visual worship: the approach, the philosophy, & the “why?”… something they can take home to study and to put in the hands of their pastors and volunteers. ”

 What’s In It

Whether you’re aware or not, your images communicate what you as a church value and believe… All the elements, especially the visuals, subtly shape the ethos of your community and can even alter the posture of your worship.Stephen Proctor

Stephen starts the Guidebook with an example of his best in action: a powerful, five minute version of visual worship of music, images and text. This sets the tone for the ebook, which eschews a strict look at tactics and instead opens with a broader view, including history, current context, theology, and philosophy for the practice of ministry.

Stephen is a torch bearer for a generation of young visual worship artists, and in his Guidebook speaks my favorite language–ideas. While it’s important to train yourself and your teams to produce with excellence, truly transcendent work is a reflection of a deeper understanding of the worship experience, the role of image, and the idea that there can be a “curator,” or a visual liturgist, who serves a role in the worship of God.

The back half of the book gets into tactics, including principles for design, good font choice and practices, team development, and additional resources.


 The Final Word

I love this book. It’s educational, it’s practical, but most importantly, it’s a work of art, created by one of the best in the business. The Guidebook for Visual Worship is ideal for both the artist and technologist, each of whom is looking to the deeper issues involving visual arts and technology in worship, while also maintaining the practice of ministry.


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