Powerful Films in Worship

Today Mark Beeson, senior pastor at Granger Community Church in South Bend, Indiana, posted a video clip produced in house for worship. It tells the story of Katie, a prostitute and victim of sexual abuse who has overcome her hurts and habits with the saving grace of Jesus Christ. You can see the video here. Those who know me know that these kinds of stories are among my favorite stories to tell, and this is one of the finest worship testimony videos I have seen.

The rise of the DSLR camera has created an exponential increase in the quality of locally produced short films for worship. I call them films now, not video, because while digital, the quality of this production and others like it is nothing less than art. I am proud and excited to see how far the use of images in worship has come. Amazing talent is emerging in churches all over the place, and people who love Jesus are using their talent to create powerful and gripping films for worship. Praise God for people that are called to ministry using creative arts.