Join Me For The First Keynotes on My New Creativity Book

I’m getting excited about the 2015 Fuel Conference. The last week in June will be my first opportunity to present a set of talks related to my new book, Think Like a Five Year Old, and the study and research I’ve been doing on creativity and the life of faith and church over the past few years.

Here are the four talks I will give over the course of a few days at the conference:


Think Like a Five Year Old

Supposedly, since we’re made in the image of God the Creator, we have creativity in us. This may be theologically true, but most of us don’t know it to be so. In fact, the vast majority of us don’t consider ourselves to be creative at all. Maybe that’s why recent workplace surveys say most of us want to quit our work. Learn the story of creativity: what happened, how to reclaim the art God designed for you to make, and unlock real innovation right where you live.

Taking Flight: Best Practices for More Creative Worship

I’ve been practicing, studying and teaching about creativity in worship since 1995. Here is the best of what I have learned, including a vision for innovation in worship, how to build a design process that works, tips for planning and development, and how to overcome the obstacles that frequently keep teams from taking flight together. Based partially on my book Taking Flight With Creativity: Worship Design Teams That Work.

Innovation is Creativity that Ships

Innovation is where the creative rubber meets the road. Often, our problem isn’t lack of ideas, but an inability to realize them. All great innovations are applied creativity, which is frequently mischaracterized as the uncreative work of project development. In this workshop, learn how to refine your raw creative ore into complete projects. This is the workshop for improving your capacity to get things done.

10 Practices I Wish Every Church Leader Understood About Creative Arts and Communication

I’ve been practicing the craft of creativity, visual arts, and communications in church life since 1995. Here are the core creativity questions pastors and church leaders perennially deal with and answers I have discovered in the work of daily ministry.


The event is also the official publisher‘s book launch. The book’s official launch is on June 2, and this is the first event following. Every registrant to the conference will receive a free copy of my book, Think Like a Five Year Old, and I will do a book signing at the event.

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