It’s Never As Good Or As Bad As You Think It Is

Watching the Mavericks’ amazing comeback against the Miami Heat in last night’s Game 2 of the NBA Finals, I was inspired to start a new series of blog posts. These are the essential quotes that define my life philosophy. I have no idea where they came from; they are likely not my own, but I have owned them for so long I cannot cite anyone else.

They are things I have said to those around me for years, and things I hope to teach my children. Here’s the first quote:


“It’s never as good or as bad as you think it is.”

What It Means:

It’s very easy to put too much stock in a single moment. When the Mavericks were down by 15 points with 7 minutes to go, by all appearances, the game was over. Things looked bleak. But the team didn’t overreact. They stuck to their plan, turned up the grit another notch, and kept executing. They were the small club with heart and grit and they took down the flashy Goliaths of basketball.

That’s how to handle life. Right now we’re still waiting for someone to take our house in Texas, and the kids are almost finished with school. Our plan to get to Nashville is down by a few points, and the game is waning. Our solution? Turn up the grit and keep executing.

Don’t overreact. Stay cool. If things look bad, they’ll get better. If things are riding high, don’t lose your cool. It’s never as good or as bad as you think it is.


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