Highlight Reels

Film Reel

After it is lived, life gets stored in our mind as a series of film shorts, like clips to be replayed when the mood fits.

Over time, we just stick with the highlights and forget the shorts that bombed at our internal premieres. Kind of a Best Of list for seasons of our life, like the best scenes from college, from early marriage or parenthood, and so on.

Over a long time, we only remember the great shorts. These are the ones that we like to describe to others. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could share our own greatest memories with other people like short films? Pull out the scenes we like the best and cue them up instead of trying to use words to describe what is essentially a visual experience?

Maybe one of life’s goals should be to create more scenes for the highlight reel.

What do you have planned in the days and weeks ahead that is highlight reel worthy?


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