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O  ver twenty years ago, I discovered my unique calling from God: to use written, oral and visual communication with equal mastery for the sake of advancing God’s kingdom. I have been practicing my craft ever since, and in 1996 I began to write and teach others to do the same. I have written nine books on creativity, church life, communication and leadership, and I’m currently working on numbers ten and eleven.

Along the way I have both developed a theology and philosophy for what I do and learned a variety of hard skills for improving creative productivity. I can teach on strategies and tactics, but I am most passionate about fostering a culture of creativity, and helping the dreams and ideas of both church leaders and church creatives grow together.

I am honored you’d consider me to speak at your next event.


Here are some of my newest topics and ideas.

Two Percent: Secrets to a More Creative and Fulfilling Life

Supposedly, since we’re made in the image of God the Creator, we have creativity in us. This may be theologically true, but most of us don’t know it to be so. The vast majority of us don’t consider ourselves to be creative at all. In fact, according to a famous longitudinal study, only two percent of us do. Most of us have lost our ability to create. Some of us have it and lose it, over and over again. What do the two percent know that the rest of us forget? This session explores the four aspects of a more creative life and offers several secrets to better creativity.


Jesus Marketer: How to Craft a Message That Changes Hearts and Lives

Many of us think of marketing as a necessary evil that comes after the more noble work of making a big idea. We like to pretend that how we present it doesn’t matter. And yet, coincidentally, our efforts often float away without reaching those who so desperately need it. The package matters. But the counter-intuitive reality is that communication that changes hearts and lives doesn’t begin with technology at all. What? Lucky for us, Jesus had a marketing strategy. The question for us is, in addition to communicating about Jesus, what if we began to communicate like Jesus?


Why Most Visual Art in Church Isn’t Really Art

I’ve been practicing, studying and teaching about the visual arts in worship since 1995. So imagine my surprise when an offhand tweet I wrote one day ended up revolutionizing my entire approach to arts and media in worship. My eureka led me to the realization that while many are calling for a return to the arts in worship, most of what we call “art” isn’t really art at all.


For Creatives: How to Survive Working in a Church

The nobility of using your gifts for God’s kingdom inspires many lovers of Beauty to work for the church. Unfortunately, the turnover rate is killer. In a passion for precision, Truth types quickly trample creatives underfoot. This session explores how to survive and even grow as a creative in a church environment.


For Leaders: How to Make Your Church or Organization Awesome for Creatives

While many are talking about the power of story, few are creating a good corporate environment for successful storytelling to flourish. Instead, while leaders want more creative and dynamic environments, and storytellers and artists want a place to practice their craft, often the two groups can’t seem to work together. Ironically, many leaders diminish creativity in their staff without ever knowing it. This session explores secrets to unlocking creative potential. How can you create an environment for creatives to flourish?


Seven Secrets to Help People Remember Your Big Idea

Marketing is a hassle. You’ve got your cool creative idea produced and it sure would be a heck of a lot easier if people would automatically flock to it. Of course, this doesn’t happen. You’ve got to get the word out. To some extent, other people can help you do this, but when it comes down to it, the number one champion for your big idea is you. The first step is to admit your ownership. Say to yourself: I am responsible for marketing my own big idea. There, that wasn’t so bad. The rest is cake. Just follow these seven strategic approaches.


Ten Common Questions About Using Screens in Worship

Whether novice or seasoned veteran, these are the basic questions that everyone needs to know in order to use screens more effectively in worship. Consider this a crash course on screen use in your church.


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