Is Working at a Church Bad for Your Faith?

I have been away from weekly worship development since the beginning of 2011 (a little over four months now). This is the longest stretch without designing worship in a number of years, and maybe my second longest stretch since I graduated from seminary in 1995. And just like the last time, I am finding my faith to be deeper, my discipline stronger and love greater during the hiatus.

Why is it that working at a church is so draining on a person’s faith? Am I alone in this, or is there a strong correlation between giving yourself away in local church ministry and struggling to maintain an active connection with the God of the universe?

Maybe it’s just in the realm of worship design and production. My wife has always been concerned for me; she says if I’m always producing worship, I can’t ever worship. And she has been right. I am analytical by nature, so maybe it’s just my personality makeup. Regardless, this spring I have actually been worshipping again.

Is this just something for me to work on? Or, for those of you in local church ministry, do you struggle with your daily life of faith too?


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