One Great Way to Make Your Church More Missional

P eople don’t give money to the church to pay the light bill anymore.

Your reaction to that statement may indicate your age. If you’re under 40, it’s a no brainer. But the over 40 set grew up in a culture that supported institutions. Church giving was just church giving. It didn’t matter how the money was used. It’s an issue of Return on Faith Investment. Call it ROFI. Now, there are expectations for both sides of the act of giving. Let’s break that down:

1. Before the act of giving, people look for a connection with the perceived result of the gift. Giving is motivated not by allegiance to the institution, but by experience and relationship with the potential use of the gift. People want to give to something specific. They want to see how it will hopefully be used in ministry.

2. After the act of giving, there is a greater expectation for its results. People are less likely to give when they never learn what happened to their gift. They want ROFI.

Both changes in behavior make the Mission Moment an ideal vehicle for church communication. Simple 1-2minute video clips highlighting the church’s missional activity give the congregation specific handles on where their money is going. They also connect people with ministry activities, advertising what otherwise may never be known; they keep the focus on the world outside the church walls; and if done well, they inspire.

Here is a simple mission moment I produced last year at Trietsch Memorial UMC in Flower Mound, TX, where I served as Creative Director. I created this in one afternoon with an $800 camera and Final Cut Pro.


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