Missional Church – A Fabulous Quote

“”A second reason for denying that the Church is to be missional is the influence of consumerism on Christians individually and congregations collectively.  Almost everyone attends a local congregation as a consumer.  The basic question being asked is, “If I attend here, what will you do for me?” The problem is exacerbated in that the longer someone has been a Christian the more often they act as a consumer, since they know what they want and often know how to get what they want. Even some individual congregational and denominational  missional endeavors enable consumer  Christians to feel better about themselves, in that they are giving back usually to people they perceive to be beneath them, and allay some of the guilt that is produced by living a consumer and, in comparison to most of the world, a wealthy lifestyle.” – Paul Borden, Make or Break Your Church in 365 Days (Abingdon 2012)