Personal Update: The Wilsons are Moving Home to Texas

So, big news: We’re moving home to Texas. I have accepted an offer to join the ministry team at St Andrew United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas. We move in a little less than two weeks.

The word “discernment” is a nice, polished Christian word for what is often a very messy, difficult process.

I can’t overstate how big of a decision this has been for the Wilson household. Over the last six months, my family and I have been intrigued, excited, and terrified as we have wrestled, disagreed, and listened to the voice of Jesus, nudging us from the comfort of our lives in Georgia to the comfortable-strangeness of returning to Texas to do life and ministry.

After four plus years here in the Atlanta area, we were settled and ready for 10 more, with our children happy in school and us happy in our work, Shar at Mt Bethel Christian Academy and I with the great team at Peachtree Presbyterian Church. The idea of returning to Texas has been a greater life disruption than any I can recall.

Yet the Holy Spirit has nudged, prodded, urged, and cajoled. Words kept coming to us, including a series of sermons from Peachtree’s pastors on taking risks and stepping out, culminating from Jay Madden’s sermon on Gideon leaving the comfort of his winepress. Seemingly random voices from distant friends called. Then, our annual trip to Texas this summer to see extended family gave us the final nudge.

We are saddened to leave Peachtree, where we have found genuine community and a place to use our gifts to help build God’s kingdom. Peachtree is an outlier: in an age of institutional decline, it is a strong, 107 year-old congregation that seeks God and loves people in Atlanta and around the world, and we will miss it greatly.

At the same time, what a place to journey toward! I have lost count of the number of voices, in Texas and in Georgia, who have affirmed that we are headed to another wonderful congregation in St Andrew. I am blessed to have the opportunity to join the leadership team, doing what I always do plus maybe a few new things too.

More to come on what’s next.


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