My 2017 Church Creative Goals

I work as a church creative director. A lot of people ask me what that means. To give you a glimpse, here is a list of organizational goals for my creative team and I for 2017.

#1: Make a Strategy.

The goal: Establish and encourage church-wide investment in a strategic direction for creative and communications. This is the first year of new systems and culture change.

  • Produce communications strategic guide for church staff.
  • Build request system for managing campaigns and production needs (see #2).
  • Install / improve all channels for communication, including:
  1. new website
  2. improved video announcements
  3. new print collateral
  4. improved digital signage system

#2: Improve Workflow.

The goal: better planning, longer timelines, and better collaboration = higher quality production and better communication. This is the first year of a culture change.

  • Develop and install better request and traffic management system, preferably through website database management
  • Develop a 12-month calendar which can be used as a template going forward
  • Maintain 6 week lead time on production calendar
  • Avoid misses on ministry event promotion

#3: Develop craft.

The goal: commercial level production in print and video for worship and ministry

  • Create briefs for every sermon series, to improve quality of worship content
  • Create high quality campaigns for all tier 1 (Identity) events, including Sermon Series and two financial campaigns (Capital and Stewardship)
  • Average 3 video stories / month in worship (36 per year), including a two-tiered approach to video production, with 8-10 high quality pieces per year (a la Ruston or ChurchOne) and 25-28 smaller in scope
  • Purchase, implement and master new video hardware and software

#4: Form Team.

The goal: Improve better team understanding, collaboration and camaraderie. We’re in the first year, “forming” stage.

  • Hire and assimilate new designer
  • Increase team involvement in all stages of production, including concept and pre-production


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Christ follower. Storyteller. Strategist. Writer. Creative Director at St Andrew. Tickle monster. Author, Think Like a Five Year Old (Abingdon).