How I Narrowed My Focus for 2015

Everything I read about best practices for making things – for blogs, books, videos, anything you’d publish or market – talks about the need to narrow your focus. Of course, it makes sense in my head; my marketing and business experience has taught me that any successful idea needs to solve specific problems posed by specific audiences.

But while it may be easy to apply to see the main thing for other peoples’ ideas, it has been particularly difficult to nail down a tighter focus on this blog. I tend to be all over the map with my thoughts and, if you were to ask me what my main thing is, I’d have a hard time naming less than 5 topics.

So I decided to run an experiment…


What I Tweet About Most

1. Using this feature, I downloaded every tweet I’d ever posted, which as of this writing is over 3600 since 2008.

2. I went through every one of them. (Yes, that took a while.) I deleted the replies, duplicates, strays and junk. My test was whether I’d want to post it again. And maybe I will – I had a fun time rediscovering some gems.

3. I applied categories to every viable tweet. The following 13 categories emerged as clear favorites. I tried a few others as I went but when I ended up with so few for these stray categories, I went back and re-allocated them.


My Topical Breakdown

After this process, I landed on 620 good tweets. Here’s a breakdown of tweets, related to:

Think Like a Five Year Old (my book on creativity):  135

Innovation (applied creativity in churches and organizations): 101

The creative process: 97

Story (mostly tips and applications): 57

Writing (usually tips and techniques, some quotes): 55

Art (usually advocacy for it): 52

Personal faith formation: 37

Finding and pursuing your calling / passion: 34

Leading creatives / artists: 28

On the need for honesty: 22

Worship practices and church life: 12

How to do a good presentation: 8

New technology: 5


My New and Improved Focus

There’s a pretty clear winner here – the variations of creativity. This may seem like a no brainer if you read this blog, but what is interesting is how infrequently I posted about topics I’ve previously promoted on this blog, such as marketing, worship and technology.

This process has taught me that I need to tighten my blog focus around personal and organizational creativity: our need for it, how to engage a creative process, and how to make innovative things happen in churches and organizations.

So this is my blog focus for 2015 and beyond.


If you tweet a lot, I recommend trying this for discovering a tighter focus.


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