50 Posts to Improve Your Creativity and Communications in the Coming Year

For the first time in the history of this blog, I am announcing an editorial schedule for the coming 12 months.

For the last few years, I’ve been writing to monthly themes, but not publicizing them or talking about them. I might write 3-4 posts on creativity and faith, like this past month, or a few posts on marketing.

I decided for the next year to be more intentional about my plans, to help you with your plans. Beginning in August, I am going to write to a specific theme each month, as noted below.

By announcing these monthly themes, my hope is that you’ll be able to tune in to a set of posts that relate to your specific needs in life and in ministry. (And also hold me to publishing these topics.)

Each of these themes continues and builds on the basic purpose of the blog in some way. Here they are!


August: Church Creative Leadership

  • What Creative Leadership Looks Like
  • Struggling with Change Resistance? Use This Toolkit
  • You Have Two Choices: Obey Up or Complain Down
  • A Day in the Life of a Church Creative Director
  • The Purpose of a Creative Work in Church

September: Church Marketing and Communications Leadership

  • The Goal of Church Marketing
  • The 1-3-5-7 Philosophy of Leadership Development
  • What Really Drives People To Come to Your Church
  • Don’t Sacrifice Brand While Trying to Be Personal

October – November: Church Communications Strategy

  • Thankfully These People Didn’t Buy The Idea That Numbers Don’t Matter
  • Evaluate Your Church Creative and Communications Ministry With This Short Survey
  • Five Strategic Principles for Everything I Communicate
  • Your Complete Guide to Free Marketing
  • Some Big Goals for Your First Year in Church Communications
  • Solve Your Church’s Complaining with Tiered Messaging
  • How to Maximize Your Messages with a List of Publishing Channels
  • Every Ad is a Campaign
  • 4 Tips to Better Series and Campaign Titles

December: Improving Your Creative Process

  • My Theology of Creativity
  • How to Get Over The “Get Through it” Mentality
  • 40 Inspirational Quotes to Kickstart Your Creative Process
  • When I Grow Up: The Best Creative Thinking is Mature, Not Childlike
  • 6 Errors That Keep You From Creating Great Things

January: Worship Design and Planning

  • The (Hopefully) Best Worship Planning Process Ever
  • Sermon Series Concept: See Clearly Now
  • Tips to Get Other Church Leaders on Board with More Creative Worship
  • Create a Single Hub for Your Worship Development

February: Creativity and Culture Making

  • The Top 25 Fastest Growing Large United Methodist Churches, 2018 Edition
  • How Creativity is the Core Ingredient of Kingdom Building
  • How One Fast Growing Church is Kingdom Building Through Creativity and Innovation
  • Christians Need to Make Culture, not React To It (And How You Can Start)

March: Creativity and Innovation

  • 5 Things About Pursuing Your Dream Job
  • Innovation Starts From Desperation
  • Is Your Industry Desperately Ready for Innovation?
  • Big I Innovation and My Church, St. Andrew

April: Content Marketing

  • Content Marketing Explained, in a Nutshell
  • The 6 Forms of Influence and How They’ve Suddenly Changed
  • 7 Year Blog Anniversary: 7 Lessons I’ve Learned in 7 Years of Content Marketing
  • 6 Types of Content You Can Make

May: Church Creative Leadership

  • Draft Picks and Free Agents: Tips on Team Building
  • Don’t Try To Claim You Need More Talented People
  • 5 Ways To Manage The Inevitable Creative Backlash
  • My Top 9 Rules for Leading Creatives

June: Reaching The Right People

  • Marketing is Listening
  • Tell Me an Actual Story of a Disciple in Your Church
  • How to Leverage Demographic profiles
  • How to Leverage Spiritgraphic profiles


  • TBD (Okay, this is 11 months, not 12. But I figure something is going to come up in the next 12 months that I’ll be dying to add to the mix, so I’m leaving a month open.)


Okay, there they are: the next 50ish blog posts I’m going to write, over the coming year.

I’d love your feedback! Let me know your thoughts on this list. What look most interesting to you?


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