Now THIS is Some Brilliant Ad Copy

T  he old adage is, “Show, Don’t Tell.”

But what does that mean exactly? We always default to Tell. It’s hard to do Show. And how do you do show with words? Words are usually about telling, right?

To clear up the confusion, I present you with this brilliant ad from Legos:


Notice how the images show one thing, and the voiceover tells another, and how they’re related, but not the same. Everybody always wants to illustrate, and there is some illustration here, like the bridge shot. But what makes it good, and what makes any story good, is that the video and its corresponding voiceover aren’t codependent (and dysfunctional). They live independently. But when they come together – pow.

Here’s the ad copy:

We are a team bound by blood, Nan’s knitwear, and our own imagination.

A team that shares our resources and pools our talent. Where we each bring something different to the table.

We don’t see eye to eye on everything, like bedtimes and brussel sprouts.

But when we’re in the game, were in the zone, because the things we build together, live forever.

We conceive the inconceivable. Bridge the unbridgeable. And when we’ve built as far as we can fathom, I see a guy who will always go the extra brick with me.

Let’s build.

And here’s the Ad Week article where i learned about the clip. Thanks Ad Week.

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