Trump, Trade and Technology

There’s a culture and technology connection to the American decision to elect Donald Trump as President.

How to Maximize Every Communication Channel in Your Church

How do people send and receive information through your church community? Here’s how to think strategically about the way you communicate.

How to Get People to Care About Your Good Content

All good content needs a strong concept. Good concepts spin off dozens of themes. They’re also necessary to get people to care about your good content. And if people don’t care, why do you do it?

Stay Geeky

“Geek” used to be a derogatory term. Now it’s a synonym for super-fan.

Personal Update: The Wilsons are Moving Home to Texas

A personal update on the Wilson family’s decision to return to Texas and for Len to take a position at St Andrew United Methodist Church in Plano.

By Dropping the Cow, Has Chick-Fil-A Jumped the Shark?

Chick-FIl-A just announced they’re dropping the agency that made the cows. I hope they didn’t just jump the shark, because the new ads sell a different brand promise.

Small Innovations are Neat, but Big I Creates Real Growth

There’s a spectrum of innovation that happens when we think creatively about our problems. Most of us aim for small innovations all the time. A better process for retaining guests. A more efficient way to track paper costs. A social media strategy that results in higher engagement. And so on. But while we spend most of our energy on Small I, it’s Big I that creates real growth. Further, Small I rarely leads to Big I. Big I is something else entirely.Further, Small I rarely leads to Big I. Big I is something else entirely.

Hearing a Word from the Lord: My Review of Jesus Speaks by Leonard Sweet and Frank viola

In the introduction, the writers say, “Jesus is always speaking to His followers. It is up to us to learn to recognize His voice.” The writers’ goal is to help us with this task. They succeeded. Jesus Speaks is one of the most useful books about following Jesus I have ever read. Here are 20 quotes from the book.

Leadership to unlock team creativity, not destroy it

Most teams tasked with creating something will never be able to overcome the silos that prevent their creativity from spreading across an organization. Here’s why and what to do about it.

The Life Cycle of a Creative Idea And A Technique for Growth

There’s a life cycle to every creative idea. You can plot it, on a grid defined by Time on the X-axis and Awesome on the Y-axis. If you chart your current work on this map, you can learn where to apply your creative energy.

11 Ways to Improve Your Church’s Brand

Here’s a quick punch list of ideas to evaluate and improve your church or organization’s brand.

C.S. Lewis and the Role of Imagination in Making Meaning

C.S. Lewis helped the Christian community rediscover Christian imagination, and that imagination isn’t in conflict with reason. If the imagination leads us in an irrational direction to an ultimately irrational area, it is a failure of the imagination as well as a failure of reason.