5 Things About Making Better Decisions

Five things about decision-making that comes from Romans 12, and the idea of being transformed instead of conformed.

Three Things About Wired Churches

The Wired Church 2.0

Being a “wired church” is really about understanding how technology relates to our attempts to communicate the gospel.

Learning to Capture Your Vision

Have you ever been struck with late night inspiration? Here’s what’s going on and how to make the most of it.

Are You Average Enough?

When thinking about equipping a local church for ministry, rather than trying to capture professional-level skills in part time and volunteer people, perhaps the more effective leadership technique is to aim for cost-effectiveness; that is, what effective implementation of this vision can be attained using people with average skillsets?

5 Things About How a Person Experiences Your Message

Here’s a five part typology for the way a person experiences your message. If you want your message to be heard, consider the forms of experience.

Life and Death Leadership

The humble bugle was once an instrument of life and death. It can teach us a few characteristics of effective leadership.

The Top 25 United Methodist Annual Conferences

This list shows the 25 largest United Methodist Annual Conferences, listed by average weekly worship attendance, with additional data showing conference membership and ranking.

The Importance of Living Your Own Story

How three college friends helped me understand that everybody’s story is different, and part of growing up is owning your own.

Recognizing the details

Most people don’t just come out and tell you how they are feeling. But they have a story, and sometimes it is reaching a climax right there when they are silently standing beside you. Ministry–life–is paying attention to a person’s story.

5 Leadership Quotes from Steve Jobs

These five quotes illustrate the leadership philosophy of one of the best leaders in modern American business.

Is Working at a Church Bad for Your Faith?

Why is it that working at a church is so draining on a person’s faith? Am I alone in this, or is there a strong correlation between giving yourself away in local church ministry and struggling to maintain an active connection with the God of the universe?

A Mother’s Day Video Present

I love all of the wonderful moms in my family! This was a present from afar for this year, as I sit in TN alone – a little memory from this Easter’s Easter Egg Hunt.