How Creativity is an Act of Devotion

Do you feel God’s presence while engaging in creativity? Consider the ways in which being creative evokes devotion.

TVs in homes decline

A new report says the number of American homes with televisions is actually declining for the first time in 20 years.

5 Things About The Relationship of Faith and Doubt

Here are five observations about what happened when the risen Christ appeared to the freaked out disciples, as recorded in John 20:19-31.

What God Told Me While I’m Waiting for An Answer

Faith is about action and faith is about waiting. Learning how to manage both has a lot to do with peace.

3 New Faculty Positions Hiring

Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University is seeking to hire three professors. Mission fit with the university’s Wesleyan and Evangelical ethos is important.

Why I Like Melancholy

A pastor I was working with once told me, “Christians shouldn’t be melancholy.” I did not agree with his statement but could not articulate a response. Last night, as I flew away from my family once again, I figured out why.

5 Things on Marriage

Here are five observations on what Jonathan Franzen once wrote is “the majesty of a long marriage,” from my journal notes over the past few months.

Why I Am Moving to Nashville

Moving Box

I’ve had some people ask me about my new job, senior leadership editor for Abingdon Press, in relationship to my old job as producer, speaker, and co-owner of Midnight Oil Productions. At first glance, they seem very different, like a departure from something I once considered my life mission.

The Secret to a Successful Creative Career

A case study of 20 famous film directors reveals only one common attribute.

5 Awesome Quotes on The Power of Storytelling

These five quotes from writers capture glimpses of the power and truth of storytelling.

The Amazing Canon DSLR

This is the video that sold me on buying a Canon DSLR last spring. I haven’t gotten to use it much this year so far, but hope to again soon. Meanwhile I continue to find inspiration with videos like this one. The creator’s notes follow.

Do You Believe God Sends Punishment for Testing or Improvement?


I ran across this question in some private devotional time this morning and posted it on my Facebook/Twitter feed. I got some comments, and then somebody asked me what I thought. This is what I wrote.