Stay Geeky

Geek (n).: someone with unabashed love for an idea or endeavor or intellectual pursuit.

Geek used to be a derogatory term. Now it’s a synonym for a super-fan. It represents passion, which is cool.

The opposite of geek is to be driven by social approval, to worry about the opinion of the crowd.

Another term for this is uncreative. The need for social approval replaces your innate creativity with learned consumption.

To be creative is to be geeky. It’s when you don’t worry about what people think. The old image of the masking-tape-glasses wimp is actually backwards, because it takes more courage, not less, to go your own way. The funny thing is, if you’re sufficiently passionate about your pursuit, you end up becoming popular for it anyway. (Although be forewarned: this is more bad than good for your passion.)

The best advice I can give any fellow creative, and the advice I give to my creative team at Peachtree as I depart for life’s next chapter, is to stay geeky. Find the work for which you have passion, and pursue it without worry about what others think.


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