Why We’re Missing the Mark on Metaphor and What To Do About It

If you’re like me, you were educated to make an argument by framing a proposition with statistical and anecdotal supporting evidence. While facts aren’t bad, the key to powerful communication is not analysis but the use of metaphors common to shared community life.

A creative worship concept for Easter

Stained: We are all broken images of God’s creation, dependent on the light of Christ to illuminate us.

Why design is essential to effective communication

Most dismiss design as the icing of a core object or idea. That’s a mistake.

Is Personal Branding Destroying Civilization?

They say the secret to getting ahead now is self-branding. But what is it, exactly, and is it a good thing? Or is destroying the world?

5 Things About How a Person Experiences Your Message

Here’s a five part typology for the way a person experiences your message. If you want your message to be heard, consider the forms of experience.