5 Ways Creativity is Essential to Your Christian Discipleship

If we want to make disciples of Jesus Christ, it’s essential that we understand the relationship between a teacher and a disciple. What better way is there to accomplish this than to model our disciple-making process after the original disciple maker, Jesus?

5 Ways Creativity Will Make Your Worship More Meaningful

I didn’t know it at the time, but for about five years I was blessed to be part of a singular experience designing worship. We didn’t think what we were doing at our church was special; we were just having fun and making stuff. But the impact was far reaching. Here are five sustainable ideas from that experience that are more relevant today than ever.

5 Ways Creativity is a Part of a Healthy Church

My favorite image of the Body of Christ is a symphony orchestra. In Christ’s Body, each of us has a part to play, and our conductor is God’s Holy Spirit. The trick is to find your part. When you choose the right instrument, develop your skills, and contribute your talents to the common score, and everyone else does the same, the result is pure beauty. A finely-tuned symphony is like a healthy church. Here are five ways creativity, and the art of playing a part, are key.

4 Reasons This Worship Story Charmed My Church

These lessons on why this short film, produced for worship at my church, worked so well extend to any storytelling you hope to do at your church.

How To Get Rid of a 24 Page Bulletin

When I started as Creative and Communication Director at Peachtree, the church was producing 24-page bulletins in weekly worship. How could I get rid of this old albatross? The problem was, I couldn’t kill it right away, because the congregation was dependent: it was the main way the church communicated. If I killed it, people would have no way of knowing what was going on. So here’s what I did.

Peachtree Stories: Christi Paul

Storytelling takes on many forms in worship. Here is one example of a short film used as a sermon illustration.

Is Christian Art Impossible?

Is it possible to make Christian art? Or is it inherently self-defeating?

Invite Me to Your Conference or Seminar Gathering

Len Wilson Worship Arts

In over twenty years as a church creative, I’ve developed a theology and practice for creativity in ministry. I’d love to share it with your next gathering.

15 Ways To Improve Your Creative Arts Ministry

A set of topics and titles I’m considering for upcoming blog posts.

5 Lessons on Using Digital Technology in Church

The following is excerpted from my book, The Wired Church 2.0.

5 Ways to Crush a Creative Spirit

To totally ruin your creative person’s morale and drive to succeed, simply employ these five simple techniques.