Tips to Improve Your Weekly Email Newsletter

When I arrived at St. Andrew, I felt that the weekly email newsletter was not being leveraged to the best of its ability. So we shut it down, then relaunched a new one a few weeks later. Performance of the new design is through the roof. Here’s what we did, why it’s working, and some of the philosophy behind it.

How to Maximize Every Communication Channel in Your Church

How do people send and receive information through your church community? Here’s how to think strategically about the way you communicate.

How to Communicate Better with Content You’re Already Creating, Part 1 of 2

You’re already making great material. Sadly, most of the time it goes in a folder. What if you could share the best of your content over social media and other channels, extend the life of your work, help people in your community, and communicate who you are in the process?

A Little Idea to Kill Clutter and Improve Communication with 3×3 Cards

Everybody wants promotion, but if everyone gets equal promotion, the result is a cluttered mess. How do you organize print collateral into a single presentation? I designed a new deliverable: 3×3 cards.

The Truth About Core Values and 6 Steps To De-Clutter Your Message

Most of the time we have too many activities going on, and it’s hurting our message. We need to narrow our focus. The best way to do this is to find the core values, and then use them as decision making tools.

Why We’re Missing the Mark on Metaphor and What To Do About It

If you’re like me, you were educated to make an argument by framing a proposition with statistical and anecdotal supporting evidence. While facts aren’t bad, the key to powerful communication is not analysis but the use of metaphors common to shared community life.

My 3 Part Plan to Help Church Become More Meaningful for People

This blog exists to live out a life mission statement I’ve followed since I was a young student, frustrated with the esoteric language and symbols of the church. I have dedicated my career to helping the local church improve its ability to tell the story of Jesus. Here is why I do what I do and the core commitments I believe can make a difference.

Creative Works: How to turn a dated church campus into a canvas for storytelling

Creative Works is a blog series devoted to turning creative ideas into complete innovations. Every space tells a story. if you’re not intentional, the story your space tells about you may not be a good one. Here’s how I gave a dated church facility a facelift and made the walls a canvas for storytelling.

Jesus’ Conversion Formula, Part 2

Our expectations for discipleship may be a bit high.

Jesus’ Conversion Formula, Part 1

The four part tactical summary to transforming communication.

The Second Way We Foul Up Jesus’ Marketing Strategy

Often, we exclusively offer deep teaching to disciples, and forget the value of wide teaching. Sometimes, believers need parables, too.