How to unleash your church creative arts ministry in 8 big steps

There’s a tragic, invisible barrier that prevents churches from using talented artists and artists from serving God through ministry in the local church. Both churches and artists want to collaborate, but neither can seem to figure out how. To help, I’ve made a creative arts and communications ministry development roadmap.

How Many of These 10 Problems Do You Experience In Church?

Len Wilson Worship Arts

The key to vitality is to move yourself and others from consumption, where we are conformed to patterns of decline, to creativity, where we are transformed by our God-given impulse and calling to make things new.

Church Marketing is Strategic Caring

There’s nothing wrong with appealing to people’s immediate problems through our communication. This is what Jesus did, and it’s a form of strategic caring.

5 Lessons on Using Digital Technology in Church

The following is excerpted from my book, The Wired Church 2.0.