6 Career Options for the Creative Arts in Ministry

If you or someone you care for has ever wondered what a creative arts career in ministry or church life might look like, here is a list of 6 options to make an impact (and a living) in creative ministry.

How to unleash your church creative arts ministry in 8 big steps

There’s a tragic, invisible barrier that prevents churches from using talented artists and artists from serving God through ministry in the local church. Both churches and artists want to collaborate, but neither can seem to figure out how. To help, I’ve made a creative arts and communications ministry development roadmap.

Pixar’s 5 Tips for Growing an Awesome Workplace Environment for Creativity

Dysfunction in the creative process is the number one complaint I hear from leaders and artists in churches and other organizations. The solution starts with establishing a healthy creative culture. Here are 6 signs of dysfunctions and 5 things to do to encourage creativity and allow artistry to thrive.

4 Rules for Getting Healthy Feedback For Your New Creative Work

One of the great ironies of the creative process is that when we create, we want recognition and affirmation for our work, but the need to validate ourselves through other’s opinions is the very thing that almost always does damage – at times devastating – to our creativity.

5 Reasons Why Your Church Needs to Be More Creative

Creativity is perhaps the hot topic of the decade. More and more people are exploring the generative power of creativity, including in church life. Consider these 5 reasons creativity can benefit your church.

5 Ways Colleagues Can Stimulate Your Creative Output

Since people are both central to creative practice and a major stumbling block to creative practice, I’ve come to realize that the thing that separates the majority who carry unfulfilled dreams and the few who possess an unusual ability to get things done is strong relationships. Learning to lead and work with others is the most important variable for a creative person’s success.

How Many of These 10 Problems Do You Experience In Church?

Len Wilson Worship Arts

The key to vitality is to move yourself and others from consumption, where we are conformed to patterns of decline, to creativity, where we are transformed by our God-given impulse and calling to make things new.

What Is It Like to Work as a Church Creative?

Is being an in-house Christian creative pro a more fulfilling life than being a secular creative pro?

The Unnecessary Tragedy of Artists and the Church

This post is a tribute to my friend Dr. Paul Bonneau and a call for the church universal to understand the soul of the artist. I wrote it in response to the news that he’d passed away.

Finding the Narrative: Seven Sermon Series Examples

A review of the sermon series during my first year at Peachtree, with some lessons for what works and what doesn’t in crafting sermon series concepts.

The Secret to a Successful Creative Career

A case study of 20 famous film directors reveals only one common attribute.