The Life Cycle of a Creative Idea And A Technique for Growth

There’s a life cycle to every creative idea. You can plot it, on a grid defined by Time on the X-axis and Awesome on the Y-axis. If you chart your current work on this map, you can learn where to apply your creative energy.

3 Ways to Grow the “Yes!” in Your Church

The need for creativity and innovation is immense, and local churches are no different. Robert Schnase spends part of his ministry focused on helping church leaders identify and overcome obstacles to growth. In this second of two interviews about his new book, Just Say Yes! Unleashing People for Ministry, Schnase identifies three ways to foster creativity and innovation. These principles apply to both pastors and anyone with a message to share.

The Power of Yes to Release Unique, Innovative Gifts, Part 1

Creativity is severely inhibited when surrounded by a chorus of “no.” Robert Schnase has released a short, powerful book titled Just Say Yes! Unleashing People for Ministry that identifies some of the ways to overcome “No.” Schnase, a United Methodist Bishop, writes to help local church leaders tap into deep wells of latent congregational creativity. His insights help anyone working in an organization and struggling to be creative. The Bishop and I recently dialogued about his book. Here is the first of two posts on our conversation.

8 Encouragements for Creative Thinkers From the Man Who Changed 1900 Years of Church Tradition

Thomas Bramwell Welch Sacramental Wine

Creative thinking and innovation is hard anywhere, but especially so in an institution that turns daily practices into sacred rituals. Church innovation in particular isn’t for sissies. Here are seven encouragements from the man who changed a tradition 1900 years strong. As with many creative inspirations, it began with frustration.

You’re Confusing Jesus and The Donkey He Rode In On

Some thoughts on how to deal with naysayers who rebel against change and innovation.