7 Secrets To Gain a Following For Your Big Idea

Now matter what your big idea is, if you want to successfully get the word out, I’d suggest these seven basic strategic approaches.

How to Find Good Stories for Your Church or Organization

The concept of organizational storytelling is stronger than ever. The challenge is not belief but practice. How do you find good stories to tell? (This is an adaptation of a previous post with updates and changes.)

You’re Confusing Jesus and The Donkey He Rode In On

Some thoughts on how to deal with naysayers who rebel against change and innovation.

5 Tips On Leading Change Better

All communication leadership is also change leadership.

Two Powerful Lessons for More Effective Communication

These lessons apply to anyone who creates something, from artist to speaker to filmmaker to writer.

In Order To Connect To People with Your Story, Ignore Them

In other words, to connect to people with your story, you’ve got to know to whom you’re communicating, and why.

The Funnel: The Connection Between Communication and Discipleship

Cultivating disciples starts with a shift in our thinking as storytellers from our natural starting point – the features of our program, event, ministry or message – to the benefit it offers the storyreceiver.

Should The Church Be Into Marketing?

The goal of business communication is to create markets. Is this irrelevant to, or worse does this run counter to, ministry?

4 Tips On How To Build For The Long Term

If you don’t build systems you’ll forever manage the drama of the week. Here are four tips for building for the long term.

The Four Types of Stories in Worship and Preaching

How to weave a variety of stories and elements together to tell a single story in worship.