19 Questions to Kickstart a More Creative Life

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People like to talk about changing the world. Jesus makes the crazy promise that we actually can change the world. But the bar to do it is high. We need to love, fully, with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength. Here are 19 questions to help you figure out the wonder of a more creative life.

Think Like a Five Year Old Study Guide (Free eBook)

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Download my new, free eBook today! This is a study and application guide to my book Think Like a Five Year Old. The goals of this 40-page eBook companion are 1) for you to develop a practical theology of creativity and 2) to walk away with the necessary next steps and to-dos for getting started on the work of creating.

Growth isn’t the goal; it’s the outcome.

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Change that works isn’t a trend to adopt or a technique to add or a committee or staff person to acquire. Innovation comes from within, from our inherent creativity. When our focus is on making something new, innovation is what happens. To be creative, to innovate, is to be a change agent. The result is change and growth.